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A professionally designed home theatre will transport you into the movie, allowing you to experience what the director intended. This is why many home-owners, builders and architects are engaging custom integrators instead of the typical retail outlets, who are often restricted to off-the-shelf solutions.

A successful room is more than just a big picture – it’s about good design, bringing together all of the aesthetic, acoustic and system elements to deliver a truly engaging experience and space. It should embrace the way each family likes to live and experience their entertainment. It should also be underpinned by professional design standards.

International awarding-winning Technology In Design demonstrates in its projects the company’s ability to transform rooms and realise the full potential of any system.

This basement conversion typifies Technology In Design’s creativity and custom capabilities. The design goal was to deliver a light and inviting space for casual entertaining while supporting reference quality cinema and music reproduction.

Starting with the floating screen construction and custom acoustics panels, the room has become the inviting space that was desired, expressed through light and shade elements – a total contrast to a dark basement room.

Technology In Design works closely with the innovators to Hollywood. Behind the micro-perforated Stewart Filmscreen, the centre speaker perfectly transmits out of the image for ultimate realism. The speakers are elevated off the floor, as typical in any theatre or studio, for acoustic quality and have the world’s most advanced acoustic calibration to deliver jaw-dropping realism.

The elegant cabinet design hides from sight all of the cabling, subwoofer and equipment, while also managing heat dissipation. Everything has been thought of, right down to an intuitive touchscreen control.

With THX Home Cinema 1, Image Science Foundation, CEDIA Installer and Designer accredited professionals on staff, Technology In Design has solid expertise that’s hard to find in one organisation.

Technology In Design staff are also Cinemascope specialists. The goal in this project was to achieve the highest reference experience for a home theatre. It delivers all the ultra-wide film formats common to big blockbuster movies and many iconic Hollywood classics.

The curved screen creates a sense of grandeur and motorised masking beautifully frames any movie format. The custom curved fabric wall sets the screen into the front of the room in an absorbing panoramic envelope.

Whether it’s solving a tiered theatre or incorporating the large screen experience into an everyday living space, Technology In Design will take your room from concept and design to full installation. The company is also renowned for whole home integration expertise, from security and intercom to data networking, intelligent lighting, touchscreen control and multi-room entertainment. Whatever your vision or budget, Technology In Design will ensure your room or home meets its full potential.