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Designed by AB studio, this extraordinary Caulfield home is one of Melbourne’s finest. A combination of attention to detail and carefully considered visual elements come together to create a modern masterpiece.

To ensure each light fixture used throughout the home fulfilled a specific purpose, Premium Lighting worked closely with the clients to design a tailored lighting system.

The striking black fac?ade sets this home apart from the rest, while the living room’s 5m-high ceiling fosters a spacious and opulent atmosphere. Premium Lighting’s AUrA eight Pendant light acts as the room’s centrepiece, which the rest of the home is designed to complement. the pendant’s stunning chrome finish envelops eight hand-spun polished steel spheres to make a statement unlike any other.

The beautiful marble and timber finishes used throughout the kitchen and dining areas are accentuated by strategically placed, surface-mounted Apex Downlight series lights, which have a minimalist look and provide optimum illumination.

The home’s minimalist theme is encouraged by the use of titanium surface Mounted Downlights that integrate seamlessly into the ceilings. AUrA Wall lights accompany a spectacular AUrA Five Pendant light to effectively illuminate the hallways and second dining room.

To achieve a luxurious feel, only the finest finishes and fixtures were used in the four bedrooms. the enormous main bedroom looks over the living room and the AUrA eight Pendant light.

The property’s exterior is fitted with a range of wall lights, uplights and flood lights that bring the outdoor area to life and make it perfect for entertaining. the distinct angular beam of the Moonstone Wall Light complements the home’s angular and industrial design features, while emerald Inground Uplights gently illuminate the surrounding landscaping.

The expert installation of a custom-designed lighting system has made this home one of the most admired projects in Melbourne’s architecture and construction industries.


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Renowned for an extensive range of indoor and outdoor lighting, Premium Lighting is a market leader in architectural lighting. the company has an innovative approach to design, manufacturing and customer service, which results in striking products built from high-quality and long-lasting materials.

Premium Lighting understands the profound effect lighting can have on a room’s architecture, ambience and mood and each of the company’s products are designed to not only create light, but also shape a space. In 2016, Premium Lighting is releasing an innovative new range of downlights, indoor and outdoor wall lights and feature pendants.

In partnership with award-winning British design company noovo, the AUrA series feature lighting collection exemplifies the company’s innovative approach to LeD lighting. With a polished hand-spun steel spherical design and an array of configurations, the AUrA series will make a statement in any home.

Understated, flexible and efficient, Premium Lighting’s downlight collection complements any home, providing options for general task and accent lighting. the range provides bright and practical light for food preparation, clarity to highlight a painting and much more. Available in a wide range of finishes, from a textured black or white to polished aluminium, the options are limitless.

The Axis and Apex series are also being added to the company’s exclusive downlight range. Developed from the ground up, the Axis Downlight series provides unparalleled flexibility and precision in a minimalist design. Its innovative rotating lens and ability to be track-mounted allows the Axis to be used in a multitude of applications.

The Apex Downlight series provides homeowners with unique options that combine striking design, superior performance, and affordability. the clear lens and polished reflector is a clever design accent with optimum lighting output. With these new product releases, Premium Lighting continues to stand out as a leading designer and manufacturer of architectural lighting. Distributed nationally and internationally, the company’s product selection is suitable for any taste.