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This project demonstrates Howdoi’s expertise in deploying sophisticated levels of integration, making a complex technology installation easy to use for the client. Fully centralised audio visual sources allow anything to be listened to or viewed in any area. The central AMX control system provides intuitive fingertip control within all areas to make for uncomplicated operation. And by integrating the lighting, blinds and audio visual onto one control platform, the client simply selects the room they wish to control, and then using the intuitive icons, select what they want to control and to what level.

Discretion is paramount. Even though there are 12 video sources available to each panel location, only the panel itself is visible in each area with discrete speakers providing audio. All remaining equipment is installed in central equipment racks. This results in an aesthetically pleasing installation which is easy to use but embraces all the latest entertainment technologies.

In addition, this project posed logistical challenges with a large 103” plasma screen and 57” weatherproof LCD screen, both installed on the upper levels of the residence. All together there are 17 audio zones and 12 high definition video zones, a 7.1 home theatre and a premium Meridian Digital listening area. is a specialist technology integrator, with considerable experience in the design and integration of the systems incorporated into today’s modern homes. They have been acknowledged by the industry, receiving numerous CEDIA awards in both the residential and commercial arenas.

Howdoi offers a complete design, documentation and installation service. Their in-house team reviews the user requirements to develop a functional specification. This then allows them to design a system which meets the client’s requirements in terms of aesthetics, function and budget. Howdoi has CEDIA Professional Designer Certification, which ensures their system designs follow industry standards.

Areas of expertise cover intelligent lighting, security, access control, home theatres, multi-room audio visual solutions and custom control interfaces, using AMX, Crestron, RTI and Pronto. All design, documentation and system programming is undertaken by in-house professionals, providing a seamless delivery to their clients.