EMI Cabinets

EMI Cabinets
  • Address: 10 Corr Street, Moorabbin
  • Phone: (03) 9553 0623


Eye for Detail

Servicing the inner eastern suburbs and the Mornington Peninsula, EMI Cabinets complete around eight to ten projects a year. Established over six years ago by Michael Sandmann, EMI Cabinet’s strength is the ability to conceptualise the client’s joinery needs from architectural drawings and plans through to manufacture and installation. They provide a high standard of service and products with an eye for detail and finish, which they believe provides their telltale exciting results. The outstanding design and appearance of EMI Cabinets makes them stand out from the crowd.

The clients wanted from these cabinets a first class, finished look and a high quality of work. EMI Cabinets has delivered with this amazing set of cabinets. Their eye for detail is shown through the care and precision of their manufacturing and installation. Designed by Canny Builders, these cabinets had to be versatile, built around steel columns, a brick wall and various heating systems. And, equipped with a greywater system, these cabinets are not only visually stunning, but environmentally friendly. While the installation of these cabinets was a challenge, EMI Cabinets rose to the task, providing the same precision, care and eye for detail apparent in all their work.

EMI Cabinets, with their high quality service and expertise, are the perfect first stop for all designers and architects – EMI thrives on challenging projects and designs.