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Groundbreaking Stone Effects

Groundbreaking Stone Effects
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Stone Effects is excited to announce a new range of products that feature cutting-edge patterns and colours. The range will solidify the company’s reputation for delivering results with strong visual impact, and strengthen its long-standing partnerships with its clients. The new effects were created using an expert combination of stone, brick and render – the three elements that have made Stone Effects’ award-winning products so popular among commercial builders and residential homeowners for the last 15 years.

Stone Effects has simplified the time-honoured art of building with stone, using 21st-century technologies to craft homes that are unique, environmentally-conscious and wonderful to live in.

For a solution that’s tailored to your specific needs, call Stone Effects’ founder, Shane Gambin, on 0407 472 822 to organise a free quote and an initial consultation. For further information about the new range of effects, contact the company via email at [email protected]


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