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  • Address: 3 Coronet Street, Ballarat
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The Fusion is stamped with Bryan & Petersen’s quality craftsmanship and finish. It is the perfect testament to the company’s renowned and soaring success. This architecturally-inspired design presents a combination of contemporary European style with its luxury fittings and the Australian love of space with its open-plan living zones.

Built to cater for a family of four to six people, this home features plenty of storage spaces, a highly modern designer kitchen and spacious living areas perfect for the whole family, as well as for entertaining.

The Fusion aims to achieve clean, crisp and minimalist architecture that boasts a feel of exclusivity and luxury from the moment the front door is opened. It is fresh and full of light. The plan offers plenty of open areas, while still having designated living areas to satisfy a family that wants their own space.

It includes three living spaces, a large alfresco area, a children’s retreat area and a study. In addition, a brilliant lap pool is positioned through the centre of the home, fronted by a floor-to-ceiling glass window so that its beauty can be appreciated by onlookers from inside the home.

The Fusion spans more than 370m² under-roof and features many energy-saving and sustainable living qualities, including solar power, water tanks, double-glazed windows, hydronic heating, highly insulated walls and ceilings and LED lighting. Standard plan ranges are available for this display home, as is a comprehensive custom design service.

Bryan & Petersen architecturally designed The Fusion to capture the essence of the design objective set out in the early discussion process. The company captures a broad market share, building throughout western Victoria including Ballarat, Geelong and Warrnambool.

Such a broad coverage of areas presents many different client requirements, from complete custom country lifestyle properties, through to modern contemporary homes by the ocean.

Building approximately 100 homes a year, the multi-award-winning, quality building firm that is Bryan & Petersen was started 40 years ago. With offices in Ballarat and Warrnambool, the company welcomes you to explore its excellent range of homes to find a fit that is perfect for you and your family.



The Monet is a family-friendly home showcasing the charm of yesteryear. Designed by the experienced and highly sought-after Bryan & Petersen design team, this South Australian-inspired display home boasts an elegant, timeless façade that works for both rural and inner-city settings.

It features elegant styling reminiscent of many classic period Adelaide homes, and clean, contemporary undertones. The Monet can cater for a large family, and has plenty of storage space, a brilliant modern-provincial kitchen and spacious living areas.

During construction, Bryan & Petersen confronted the challenge of accommodating for the large trees that were protected along the front boundary with easements requiring careful positioning and additional footings to the foundation.

With three living spaces for the growing family, The Monet features a designer kitchen area that is perfect for entertaining, and an outstanding walk-in pantry. Standard plan ranges are available for The Monet, as is a comprehensive custom-design service.

Bryan & Petersen is continually building on its solid reputation as a builder that delivers the highest-quality service and construction, while continually pushing the boundaries of innovative designer homes blended with premium fixtures and finishes. The company’s design team insists on thermal efficiency improvements for individual climate conditions.

Over the past 40 years, the multi-award-winning company has built itself on the very best construction team that cares and works together to deliver outstanding results every time. Bryan & Petersen’s goal is to exceed client expectations and allow word-of-mouth to carry the brand’s ethos of excellence.