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One Shearwater Drive, the latest Peninsula-based project by Vibe Design Group, deftly embodies the studio’s decades of experience in designing for a coastal environment. Boasting expansive views of Port Phillip Bay and featuring a carefully selected palette of luxury materials, this multi-level coastal villa demonstrates that modesty and luxury can be reconciled through good design.

The terrain was carefully landscaped to allow for the installation of a gently sloping boardwalk entryway to the house, and the distinct change in elevation creates a sense of envelopment within the site. The interior is made up of a series of sea-oriented volumes, which are connected to decking platforms over two levels, and collected around a central double-height void. The refined geometry and elegant, wide proportions of the interior spaces demonstrates the design team’s understanding of the appeals of coastal living, and their capacity to draw the sea into the building.

Graceful and extended proportions define the living spaces, and are reminiscent of the outside of the home. From the clean, architectural lines of the kitchen through to the beautifully balanced bathroom, Vibe Design Group has created a house where the interior perfectly harmonises with the exterior.

The levels of timber-decking terrace descend to meet the ground, and tie the building and surrounding grounds together into one cohesive, organic form. The grounds have been as meticulously planned as the house itself, from the layout grid for native flora through to a delightfully contemporary burnished-steel sculpture by Australian artist Russell Petherbridge. The piece was specifically commissioned by Vibe Design Group, and demonstrates the company’s well- known and unique approach to design. By carefully considering the specifics of the outdoor space, Vibe Design Group has maximised the experience of the entire site for the owners and their visitors.

Vibe Design Group specialises in residential design and has won multiple awards for its impressive work. Many projects by Vibe Design Group have graced the pages of respected international design publications, including The New York Times. With a focus on sustainability, Vibe Design Group embraces the opportunities presented to them by either enhancing the existing built environment, or creating a unique response to a new site.


Project 1



The Kelso project by Vibe Design Group is a family home nestled in a heritage area within a wider industrial and commercial setting, in close proximity to the iconic Nylex clock near Richmond.

The brief called for large open spaces styled in a modern yet timeless aesthetic, and a home that could be an oasis from the city, with reminders of its locality. This is epitomised throughout the design, with the thoughtful integration of the lightwell and outdoor spaces, which interact with the frequented living areas and deliver a vast sense of space. The use of uneven bluestone alludes to the cobbled Melbourne laneways, while the express joint cladding and aluminium fins echo the home’s semi-industrial surrounds.

The viewpoints on this project were specifically calculated to ensure privacy from its immediate neighbours without denying its unique proximity to Melbourne’s iconic landscape. Both the street-fronted main bedroom and rear outdoor spaces admire the scale of The Nylex Clock and silos, while the client’s young son is able to admire the lights of the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) from the rear bedroom.

The height transition in the front fac?ade approaches the single-storey heritage neighbour kindly, while access to the raised rear carport is uniquely central to the wide residential street.

Upon entering the home, one is immediately met with a great open space flanked by a long line veneer wall – without knowledge of its integrated access points to storage spaces and other rooms. Standing in the lounge and dining area, a highlight window frames a letterbox view back to the silos, setting the tone for the journey to come.

The Kelso project, like all Vibe Design Group projects, was a considered design response to an individual client brief and unique site. In 2013, Vibe Design Group launched a new design advice package called Vibe Select, which delivers unrestricted access to the company’s conceptual thinking and experience. The on-the-spot advice and take- home materials will ensure homeowners are confident when completing their project. With set prices, there are no limitations on project size, making it suitable for minor renovations through to new house designs.