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The first of Positive Footprints’ 9-star series to be constructed, the Solar Sollew represents a synthesis of the company’s experience in practical cost-effective sustainable design and construction, to produce a low-impact mainstream offering.

The aim of the project was to create a high energy- and water-efficient, three to four bedroom family home with a 9-star energy rating, ample living space and a main bedroom suite on the ground level. The house achieved a gold level in the Living Design Guidelines, providing housing flexibility for the homeowners as they progress through the various stages of life.

Utilising passive solar design, aligning openings to invite summer breezes, and using recycled internal brick walls for thermal heat bank, the Solar Sellow uses 80 per cent less energy to heat and cool than a 6-star house, which is the current requirement for new homes.

A number of cutting-edge sustainable technologies have also been incorporated into the design, including an earth tube cooling system, phase-changing thermal mass, recycled glass, polished glass eco concrete slab and an electrical Building Control Management System (BCMS) to automate and create active passive systems.

The Solar Sellow also boasts 3kw photo-voltaic panels and a 7000 litre rainwater tank. The landscaping showcases water-efficient food production in the suburbs, and features indigenous plantings to increase original habitat.

As an award-winning builder and designer, Positive Footprints specialises in achieving beautiful, high-performing sustainable homes for you to grow and thrive in.