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Well positioned in a laneway near an urban village, the featured townhouses beautifully illustrate Archsign’s signature style. This particular project showcases the ways in which interior and exterior spaces work efficiently through creative design detailing to accomplish comfortable spaces where flexibility in living is no longer compromised due to the square age limitations.

In the pictured three-storey townhouses, borrowed space, natural lighting and specific finishes have come together to take affordable living to a new level.

Integrated rooms such as the kitchen and laundry allow for accessibility and functionality so that the dining and living areas are kept to a maximum size. A two-way walk-through bathroom between the bedrooms on the third level leads to the bright and contemporary ensuite.

This part of the townhouses exemplifies how a compact approach to design with regards to borrowed space can still achieve a valued and uncompromised outcome. The internal window between the bathroom and the passage enables the natural lighting from the skylight in the bathroom to filter into the passage and down into the stairwell.

The stair design is composed of a balustrade where the grey ironbark timber flooring is continued along the facing of the balustrade in order to alter the visual width of the room.

A niche wall that vertically intersects with the timber clad balustrade becomes a feature that also cleverly integrates and conceals the structural elements.

The concept for the exterior demonstrates how the angles in repetitive forms, when carefully composed, give rise to new dynamics. In this context, light and shade become an integral part of the buildings’ overall appearance, which is constantly evolving throughout the days and seasons.

Primary coloured entry door architraves mark each of the townhouses boldly against the metallic palette of colours such as the rusted balcony balustrades painted in porters wash over diagonally installed matrix panels by James Hardie.

ExoTec panels finished in a Resene silver shimmering paint on the first floor level were an alternative to aluminium panelling yet the result is still very authentic due to its execution and workmanship.

The balcony screen walls have been designed around privacy, maintenance and northern lighting control. This has been achieved through the irregular heights of the walls, which form a sawtooth effect across the façade, thus becoming the iconic feature of the building.