Achieve Design Group

Achieve Design Group
  • Address: 451 Melbourne Road, Newport
  • Phone: (03) 9391 0166



Achieve Design Group was founded 13 years ago by Benni Trajcevski and specialises in custom design houses and units. This experienced company is extremely thorough in its design process and has plenty of successful projects under its belt to prove it.

Their years of experience helped when working on the featured project as the brief came with challenges. The first was designing a large family home on a tiny plot of land.

The property is 188 square metres, with a width of only seven metres. With such a small area to work on, Achieve Design Group had to utilise every millimetre possible. Using glass and an open-plan design, they created large, functional living areas. To add to this, the interior uses curves, a mix of materials and natural light.

The owners also wanted their home to be modern and have the wow factor. Achieve Design Group achieved this with an abstract façade, which makes a statement with it’s prominent and contemporary design. Angles and an unconventional use of glass contribute to its striking look.

The home features a large alfresco area that maximises the space available. The space has been designed so that it can be open or closed in, allowing the owners to use it all year round.

Another challenge they faced was getting council approval for the property. As it is located in a heritage overlay and had a strict building envelope, Achieve Design Group had to convince the council to allow such a modern abstract façade and large building.

Council restrictions were met by keeping the proportions of the building respectful to the heritage listed buildings that are in close proximity, and by using Achieve Design Group’s detailed site analysis and applications.

Last, but not least, Achieve Design Group used passive design, including clever use of ventilation, eaves and sunlight, for energy efficiency. They reduced noise from the busy road the house is situated on with the use of voids and architectural screens on the façade.

This property is an excellent example of Achieve Group Design’s ability to create extraordinary homes within any requirements.