2bscene Design

2bscene Design
  • Address: 2/469 King Street, West Melbourne
  • Phone: (03) 9329 0282
  • Fax: (03) 9329 3640



When the owners of this property decided they wanted to a contemporary living space, they commissioned 2bscene Design to create their dream home.  

The materials used in the design are what make this project stand out from the crowd. Polished concrete flooring, bed rock windows and a volcano stone wall are impressive features that demonstrate 2bscene Design’s creative capabilities. 

A brief developed after extensive consultation with the clients where it was established that they wanted an open plan home that took in views of the property’s spectacular surroundings.  

The home takes full advantage of the site and has large open living spaces, high levels of comfort and intelligent connections between rooms. All elements of the design come together seamlessly, enabling a high level of enjoyment for the occupants. 

2bscene Design is a multi-discipline firm, with the director having over 20 years experience in residential, commercial and multi-dwellings. Their creativity is expressed through structural and spatial means.  

Strong lines and geometries are used to delineate forms, resulting in design that’s both fresh and contemporary. Harmony and proportion are used, so that each design sits well within its environment. 

Their ideals are to explore possibilities, produce spacious environments and thoroughly understand context, the home owner and budget. Their designs aim to provide a sensuous experience between light and space, the inside and outside.