Greenhill Homes

Greenhill Homes
  • Address: Suite 7, 796 High Street, Kew East
  • Phone: (03) 9859 0222



Picture two new homes; similar in design, layout and size. Take a closer look and you will discover that there are often vast differences in the quality of the finer details and finishes of two homes that may appear alike. Greenhill Homes are proud to lay claim to building the superior of the two alternatives, creating homes rather than just houses.  

Greenhill Homes is an established family business that has become well known for building quality luxury homes in metropolitan Melbourne. They have earned a reputation second to none in the industry. Greenhill Homes place great emphasis on maintaining high standards with no compromise on the premium quality materials used. 

Greenhill Homes offer in-house design and decorating services along with staff who take great pleasure working with clients to create elegant and innovative masterpieces. All Greenhill Homes are individually designed and built, meaning that you can have confidence that your home is truly individual. 

With Greenhill Homes you will have peace of mind. Your investment willreceive intense personal attention and helpful information on all levels of construction. They personally guarantee satisfaction and that your home will be built to the standard and quality you deserve.