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Frater Molior Constructions Frater Molior Constructions Frater Molior Constructions Frater Molior Constructions Frater Molior Constructions
  • Address: 797 Rathdowne Street, Carlton
  • Phone: 03 9380 8263
  • Fax: 09 9460 9582
  • Mobile: 0402 180 842



Named after the grandmother of Joseph Tavella, the director of Frater Molior Constructions, the Rosina apartments embody the simple lessons Rosina has continued to share with her family: to take pride in your work.

The business’ pride and precision is evident in the building’s bright, bold and beautiful lightweight façade. The stunning feature panelling, coupled with sharp angles and accurately positioned shadow lines, highlights the attention to detail and immaculate finishes prevalent throughout the design.

With a brief to deliver a stunning seven-apartment and two-townhouse development, MAP Architecture & Design was appointed to bring this wonderful concept to fruition.

The result is a unique abstract building that can be admired and enjoyed by the residents and general public alike.

With beautiful living spaces designed to maximise views of the picturesque Edwardes Lake Park, each apartment features high-end fittings and finishes throughout. Working together, Frater Molior Constructions and MAP Architecture & Design took a keen interest in the design and construction of the living spaces.

With the assistance of Frater Energy Assessors, each apartment and townhouse features a unique floor plan to achieve the highest sustainability results possible. Retaining heat during the winter months, while offering shade from the summer sun, the design boasts high-performing thermal materials and upgraded insulation throughout.

This ensures each apartment provides the highest thermal comfort possible for each of its respective owners.

Frater Molior Constructions is part of The Frater Group, which provides property and building advice and services. A high value is placed on client engagement and management, to ensure the intended outcomes and goals set out by the client are achieved.

With a creative vision and timeless design, Frater Molior Constructions has developed a reputation for engineering unique and practical building concepts, while creating and delivering stylish finishes on all projects.

Operating throughout Melbourne’s inner-north, north and north-east, Frater Molior Constructions focuses on bespoke homes, architectural multi-unit developments and period renovations. With a strong culture of planning and preparation, every building project demonstrates the core lessons Rosina continues to teach her family: take pride in your work; success is in your achievements.