Destination Living

Destination Living
  • Address: 281 Lower Heidelberg Rd, East Ivanhoe
  • Phone: 1300 637 837
  • Fax: (03) 9499 8445



The way we live continues to change.

Housing is not about shelter anymore. It’s about making a statement … it’s about lifestyle. Venture around some of Melbourne’s suburbs and you’ll be impressed by the simple elegance and quality craftsmanship of Destination Living’s homes.

The Destination Living team custom designs every home to meet its clients’ wish list, budget and block of land. The company understands how to create a unique home for every customer that not only provides that seamless transition between the indoors and the outdoors, but a home that also reflects customers’ own unique personalities.

People today spend so much money on vanity items such as their appearance, their clothes and their cars and then overlook the fact that their home can also express their own individuality.

Destination Living’s ‘one-stop-shop’ approach delivers the skills of an architect, draftsperson, estimator, interior decorator and builder all under the one roof.

Home building is not just about bricks and mortar for Destination Living. The company’s passion comes from knowing that they’ve carefully managed, protected and added value to your home – your most important financial asset.

Destination Living has become a trusted friend and advisor with customers that become walking, talking testimonials about the business’ transparency and systematic quality control procedures.

Visiting you in your finished home is always a celebration and acknowledgement of the creativity, communication, hard work and mutual respect for the Destination Living team. When those moments happen, they know they’ve done their job well. That is why Destination Living takes the time to really listen to its customers and tune in to precisely what is most important to them.

Each home is a carefully planned and coordinated production that unfolds and brings function, form and security to customers’ visions.

The company’s core values of integrity, honesty, respect, quality and responsibility are carried through every step of the process.

Regardless where or what type of home they build, they know that every project is an inspiration for future homes and every client is a future friend for life.

The results are homes that stand apart from every other home in the street.

Destination Living has found that customers get the most benefit from what the company calls a ‘rapid estimate’. A rapid estimate is the result of a customer taking approximately ten minutes to complete their wish list. This wish list document is sent to customers following an enquiry from the Destination Living website.

They then run it through the initial pricing tool to provide potential clients with some peace of mind and certainty – i.e. confirming that their wish list is in line with what they wish to spend on their new home.

Destination Living understands the importance of customers’ investments, and will always prioritise attention to the small and sometimes unseen details to assist. They provide a personalised service that they believe is second to none.

The company’s success is owed to the continuous stream of client referrals and built on that extra special attention to detail that we all know means so much. Furthermore, clients’ utility costs are significantly reduced due to the company’s energy-efficient design principles.

Those fortunate enough to live in a Destination Living Home appreciate the critical interplay of design, light, function and space that enhances our casual lifestyle. At Destination Living, they are proud to offer you a real alternative to the mass produced, brick and tile project home.