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  • Address: 33 Rennison Street, Parkdale
  • Phone: (03) 9580 3533
  • Fax: (03) 9512 0256



Daryl Beauglehole has been a builder and carpenter for more than 37 years and established Damer Builders with his wife Wendy 13 years ago. The team focuses on building houses and completing renovations of the highest quality.

Damer Builders works closely with its clients and a number of architects and draftsmen to create homes that are built to last. From spacious open-plan living and entertainment areas to lush landscaped gardens, Damer Builders is in the business of making the quaint appear spectacular and balance grandeur with intimacy.

Blending interiors with traditional facades, maintaining a home’s original character and creating a family home from nothing, are just a few of the ways Damer Builders is constantly exceeding client expectations.

Constructing new homes in a range of styles, Damer Builders work consists of period-style reproductions, modern architectural wonders and homes that are contemporary, classic or both!

The company sources its materials from a number of reputable companies that stock high-quality products, ensuring every home is built with nothing but the best. Keeping true to the styles of decades past, all of Damer Builders’ reproduction homes are styled with period-style fixtures and fittings, retro appliances and classical finishes.

The company’s stylish new-builds, however, are designed with multi-purpose family-living in mind. Vertical timber or aluminium cladding, slimline feature bricks and fully-equipped outdoor areas are popular among clients, while high- ceilings, study nooks and open-plan living are all a must-have in contemporary dwellings.

Renovating homes that are up to a century old is another of Damer Builders’ specialties. Some clients want to bring a dated home back to its original glory, while others want an extension that blends seamlessly with the original home.

Damer Builders can carefully match architraves, skirting, windows, cornices, ceiling strapping and much more, to ensure the newly-renovated home maintains its original charm. The company will always go the extra mile by making sure gardens are landscaped with gazebos, arbours, pergolas and other hard landscaping that will complement the rest of the residence.

Damer Builders is an award-winning company that has built a solid reputation for excellence among industry professionals and a repertoire among its clients for completing projects on time and on budget.