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The team at Architectural has developed an online construction system, never seen in the construction industry before, that it uses for all projects. It has taken approximately six years to develop, and the newly-patented system is arguably a game-changer for the industry.

Just what the industry has been lacking, the online portal links the owner, supplier, trades and the builder into an interface that provides instant access to options, pricing, contacts and more. This means, whether it’s a complex house, unit development or almost any form of construction, the owner has control over their build with particular emphasis on price, materials, options, colours and anything that is important.

This is not simply an online tool, this is a multifaceted system that Architectural uses as part of its construction process, which allows the owner to be more involved and have clearly defined outcomes. There are no limits, no standards or builder’s grade items, and a customer only pays for what they select, which is ideal for custom, complex and sloped sites.

There are plenty of estimating programs on the market, but these tend to focus on the builder and rely on their input in terms of cost estimates and other factors that don’t involve the client. With the QWERTY system, the client is directly involved. QWERTY is a live portal using heavily negotiated prices from the suppliers and trades so that the resulting rates the clients see are exact. This means all options are realistic, transparent and available for the owner to select at their discretion.

The system shows the costs, the supplier, options including colours, and the quantity required. Once selected, it will instantly update the end contract price so the owner has real-time options with real-time results in terms of end price. The beauty of this is that no matter where the project is located or how complex or sloped the site is, the rates are the same and do not discriminate, which is perfect for knock-down/rebuilds, custom homes and sloped sites. The system even allows for demolition, landscaping, subdivision and more, so it’s also perfect for unit development.

Better yet, once the selections are made, these become instant purchase orders. This means there are no time delays to get started on site with physical construction.

The team at Architectural will outline all the components required to detail the owner’s house. This is completed over a number of steps, beginning with the owner supplying plans and a wish list. Architectural will then do the initial take-off and detailing, which from there can be manipulated based on real time pricing until the owner is happy.

Architectural builds throughout greater Melbourne and beyond, with an eastern-based and western-based office.

This system is arguably just what the industry has been craving, as owners are becoming more astute with interior and exterior design and construction. With this in mind, QWERTY and Architectural simply provide an opportunity for this to be accomplished with cooperation between a registered builder, who executes the end product, and the owner, who controls fixed-price contracts and has the security of a homeowner’s warranty.