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This beautiful home in Marysville was designed by John Traikos Architects for clients who had lost their previous house in the Black Saturday bushfires of 2009. Determined to remain in their beloved town and armed with a resolve to create an energy-efficient dwelling that was in accordance with best practice for bushfire attacks, the clients enlisted John Traikos Architects, an architectural firm that specialises in high-end and environmentally-conscious design. The home had to represent more than just good credentials. To the owners, it had to reflect the moving on from devastation to a new and brighter beginning. The end result is a considered approach to a rural environment and the needs of the clients. An initial siting study achieved an ideal outcome for the dual considerations of thermal performance and bushfire protection without negating the site’s natural beauty or denying the magnificent views of the Stevenson River Valley.

Utilising low-impact energy systems and products throughout all levels of design and construction, the home exhibits a considered approach to planning and detailing, via delineating the home into three independent but linked zones. These zones are: the garage/utilities zone, the living zone, and the bedroom zone. Savvy design features and special touches – including the generous terraces – both reinvent and reinforce the laid-back ethos of an Australian country-style homestead.

The house has been designed to withstand wildfire conditions in accordance with fire zone BAL19. Its zinc aluminium cladding is highly reflective, non-flammable and has been constructed so there are no gaps in the walls, roof or eaves. The windows are double-glazed and the outer glass sheet is toughened glass. Sourced from a sustainable forestry practice, the Tasmanian oak window frames are of a low flammability, which makes it very difficult for flying embers or other objects to penetrate the house. Additionally, all flyscreens are constructed from fire-resistant material.

A combination of west-facing windows, double-glazing, internal and external blinds and ceiling fans means the home is generally comfortable enough to negate the need for artificial cooling – in fact, the clients only used their air-conditioner about five or six days in 2012. The waffle concrete slab in the house has been polished and provides a terrazzo-like effect. The floor is extremely well-insulated because of the large amount polystyrene foam in the slab, so the clients can walk barefoot through the house all year-round without discomfort.

The home also provides comfort and convenience in the cooler months. A boiler provides hot water for domestic use, as well as for hydronic heating. This means a light combustion heater is the only additional means required on very cold Marysville days. The drying room benefits from the hydronic heating, so washing can dry out of sight and without delay during the colder months as well. This eliminates the need for a dryer.

Also with a 4kW PV solar system on the garage roof, electricity is taken care of – the clients haven’t had an electricity bill since the system was installed in early 2012.

John Traikos Architects is a young architectural company. Formed in 2010, it works on ten to 12 projects each year, and imbues each with innovation and environmentally-friendly design credentials.

The company draws clients from throughout Melbourne, as well as rural Victoria. For an inventive, ecofriendly and stunning solution for your desired project, contact John Traikos Architects.


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