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Thermacell Australia challenges the status quo by offering a viable alternative to traditional bricks and mortar. The system is popular in Europe and has a wide array of commercial applications, including houses, commercial buildings, swimming pools, fences and retaining walls.

The project featured here is a testament to the brilliant result Thermacell ensures. Thermacell homes have a number of significant advantages. Firstly, they are virtually maintenance-free because of their sheer strength and durability. The reinforced concrete walls don’t expand or contract, meaning no expansion joints are necessary. The walls never move and no cracks ever appear in the walls of the plaster sheet on the inside of the walls.

Trevor and Megan Ryan, owner builders of this featured project decided to choose Thermacell after lengthy research of similar products. They have testified that they believe it to be the best block on the market, and have said that the after sales service and help from Thermacell Australia was high above normal standards and what they had expected.

This brilliant three-storey Phillip Island home (which spans 105 squares) features Thermacell walls, many of them curved. The front entrance opens up to a beautiful staircase, and inside a major feature of the home is the ten seat theatre room. It also includes brilliant double-glazed windows and doors. The home is acoustically excellent, thanks to Thermacell’s fantastic noise and insulation factor, and is also extremely energy efficient.

The process of heat transference is limited due to the volume of trapped air in polystyrene, meaning that Thermacell homes heat or cool at a much slower rate than brick veneer homes.

When the Ryans began the project, Geoff Bennett, Managing Director of Thermacell Australia visited the site on numerous occasions to deliver the Thermacell blocks. He helped Trevor and Megan get started and liaised with their engineer. “It was a mammoth task for an owner builder,” says Bennett.

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Thermacell walls are six to seven times stronger than brick veneer walls. If all inside and outside walls are built with Thermacell and no timber framing is used, no white ant protection is required. A render finish applied to the outer walls of the house will last a lifetime and will never require repainting.

It is also worth noting that such render is waterproof, meaning Thermacell homes are healthier to live in as they will never suffer from mould or damp walls. Thermacell houses are also highly energy efficient due to their superior insulation capabilities.

Thermacell homes are paving the way for truly sustainable living. About 25 years ago, Bennett and his wife purchased Thermacell Australia and began the difficult task of convincing people brought up in a brick veneer culture that there was a much better way of building houses.

The building industry on the whole was not interested in any other system than brick veneer, so most of Thermacell’s original customers were the owner builders who saw that they could easily build their own homes with Thermacell. They realised they could save half the cost of building the walls and build a much stronger and energy efficient home by using the Thermacell system.

Thermacell blocks have been used in building construction in Europe for more than 50 years. With 25 years of experience, Thermacell Australia have designed new blocks that are superior to the original German designed ones, offering efficiency and value for money.

Thermacell homes can be found all over Australia, from the city to the country and everything in between. Their blocks are used to build multi-storey buildings, large luxury homes, swimming pools, water tanks, underground houses, retaining walls and fences. The system’s uses are only limited by one’s imagination. Bennett and his family live in a Thermacell home, which also serves as the head office.

The property contains a storage facility where they keep their stock and delivery vehicles. They happily show customers through their home and personally introduce them to all facets of the system; such is the strength of their highly personal service.

Thermacell Australia will go the extra mile to help owner builders achieve their dreams. They can refer customers to contractors if they wish to have their homes built for them, or alternatively, they can oversee owner builders at their building sites.

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