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If you’re dreaming of sitting poolside with a cocktail in hand but can’t quite seem to book a trip away, a home renovation may be the next best thing. Tijan Biner gathers inspiration from popular beachside holiday destinations around the world to help you revamp your home into a rejuvenating and stylish “staycation”.

International travel is exhilarating; not only are you exploring a new destination, but you can also indulge in local cuisine and immerse yourself in different cultures.

Unfortunately, Australia’s remote location can sometimes make it more difficult to book a spontaneous trip away. It’ll take you six hours to fly to Bali, around 14 hours to Los Angeles, and a mind-numbing 23 hours to reach the European coastline.

If you’re unable to book a round-the-world trip away, take inspiration from some of your favourite beachside destinations instead, and replicate the easy-going holiday lifestyle in your own home.

Whether you’re after an authentic Mediterranean renovation, some Balineseinfluenced home décor, or a coastal Californian revamp, there is a holiday-inspired home makeover for every type of traveller.


Mediterranean home design and architecture is ideal if you’re looking for a refreshing and upbeat makeover. When the word “Mediterranean” comes to mind, you may associate it with mouth-watering cuisine and family gatherings around the dinner table. You might think of white-washed buildings built on top of steep cliffs, which overlook the Santorini caldera, or the Amalfi Coast, where gorgeous pastel-coloured villas litter the coastal towns of Positano and Capri. You may even conjure up the image of picturesque white beaches and striking turquoise waters on the Turkish coast, or the brightly coloured tapestries, which adorn the Grand Bazaar marketplace.

Wherever your mind leads you, the Mediterranean culture has had a profound impact on the way the world views food, music, culture and, of course, home décor.

From intricately-woven wrought-iron fences to terracotta flooring and patio furniture, the Mediterranean influence is everywhere.

By adding even the smallest touch of this stylish décor, you can effortlessly transform your home to mimic some of Europe’s most beautiful beachside locations.

If you’re drawn to old-world Europe, Tuscanstyle decorating boasts exceptional elegance. High architecture and earthy hues transform your home into an Italian countryside sanctuary, while vibrant colours such as rusty red, coppery yellow and olive green create radiance throughout the home. Inject these hues into your upholstery, curtains and decorative accessories to recreate the Italian style of living.

Similarly, modern Turkey boasts the same opulence and style. The Turkish look features dazzling ornate colours and surfaces, combined with an incredible attention to detail and rich fullness. Turkey’s traditional décor thrives in the world of modern interiors. The tradition of rich fabrics and textiles can create a beautiful sense of warmth in your home.

Consider cushions, throws, rugs or an ottoman in luxurious colours and extravagant detail in your living areas or bedrooms. Modern furnishings beautifully complement antique infrastructure, so play around with lavish tones of red and purple, low-level seating and whitewashing to create a bold, cosy space.


Asian-style interiors instantly evoke a sense of serenity and tranquillity. With most of us absorbed in a fast-paced and stressful urban lifestyle, it helps to come home to a peaceful abode to escape and wind down. Asian-themed home décor can create harmony and balance in the home, which helps you feel relaxed and rejuvenated the moment you step through the door. Oriental home design is a fusion of many different influences, including Japanese, Chinese and exotic Indian. You can easily recreate this Zen-like lifestyle by incorporating natural colours such as white, cream, light blue and grey. You can even add a pop of colour, and include cherry blossom, luxurious purple or striking red shades that are still in keeping with the theme.

If you want to recreate more of a Balineseinspired atmosphere, focus on your outdoor area. Neutral tones and bamboo screens can easily turn your outdoor space into a holiday haven. Natural bamboo is frequently used in Indonesia and can add beautiful detail to a basic space. Lush planting is imperative when aiming to create a Balinese-style backyard.

Explore different wall textures, and fill the area with high-sitting planters filled with tropical plants to add a burst of green. Palms, ferns, bougainvillea, jasmine, ornamental ginger and banana plants will transform your backyard into an exotic garden.

To complement the peaceful space, incorporate water somewhere in your home. Add a water feature and let the sweet sound of flowing water serenade you. According to Feng Shui, a small water feature in the entrance area, the living room or the backyard is considered to be harmonious and can bring positive vibrations into the home. For the perfect “staycation style”, you can’t go wrong with a poolside cabana and beautifully-carved wooden furniture for a true holiday-at-home feel. Cabanas create an instant holiday atmosphere in your backyard, and are ideal for comfortable and stylish protection from the sun’s rays. Complete the look with statues, stepping stones and unique outdoor art.


When one thinks of California living, an image of a chic Malibu home on the cliffs may come to mind. Homes along the coast of Los Angeles commonly feature classic, mid-century modern design and beautiful Georgian-style architecture. By incorporating tones that resemble the sea, sky and sand, you can create a coastal-chic, California-style home.

A popular scene in most American movies includes families gathering around a large island bench in the kitchen, so ensure you pay particular attention to this space. A large chef’s kitchen with lots of room for the family is typical of a Californian home. Add an edgy light feature to sit above the island bench, and opt for crisp colours, such as cream and white on walls and appliances. Niches, arches and claypatterned tiles may resemble a Mediterranean or Spanish-style design, but these features are also heavily incorporated in Los Angeles.

Otherwise, opt for a relaxed Hawaiian-style of living. If the only island you’re planning on frequenting is the one in your kitchen, be sure to infuse your home with aloha spirit and tropical décor. Integrate carved wooden furniture, woven blinds and beautiful wood floors. Subtle tones of green, yellow and white will beautifully complement neutral-coloured walls, and lots of plants around the home will evoke a Hawaiian cottage feel. Add some seagrass rugs and solid coloured bedding with tropical pillows to complete your island haven.

By incorporating laid-back coastal stylinginto your home, you can embrace the relaxed atmosphere of beach holidays year-round. From the white beaches and crystal-clearwaters of the Mediterranean, to the colourfulinfluences of Asia and unfussy elegance of California, your home away from home is within easy reach.


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