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All Tiled Up

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All Tiled Up
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The humble tile has diverse uses and applications, and with the advent of new technology, it can lend itself to many different areas of the home. Trend forecasters and designers have predicted a big shake-up in interior tile trends. Bojana Lazarevska speaks with Fred Milana of Elegance Tiles to find out what the new styles will bring.

Choosing the right tile design for use throughout your home, although enjoyable, can seem daunting at first. Make sure you invest in a good colour palette, style and finish that you’ll continue to love for many years to come.

Since tiles aren’t created for specific areas of the home, there are plenty of options to choose from. Whether you’re planning to play it safe or take some risks in your design, there are certain considerations you might want to take into account.


Warmer, deliciously dark and more inviting colours are starting to replace the once-popular cool and white tones that dominated kitchen and bathroom spaces. There seems to be a resurgence of richer and darker shades, and grey seems to be the “it” colour of 2017.

“Earthy greys are the most popular choice for 2017 and beyond,” agrees Milana.

As well as grey, navy blue, black and charcoal are perfect for the living room, kitchen and bathroom. Accents of these tones work well as feature elements, whether it’s a dark splashback in a hexagon tile pattern, or around the fireplace in the lounge area.

Using the same materials for floors and walls is a huge trend and lends a cohesive look to any space. Experiment with using different shades of the same colour, for example light grey and dark grey, to add another dimension and interest to the area.

Colours with depth and complexity create a timeless aesthetic that won’t age with changing colour trends. Simple yet bold aesthetics will liven up any home, so pay some extra attention to how you pattern your tiles too.

“Natural, free-flowing patterns are in vogue. Patterns replicating the very best natural stones from around the world – bluestones, Carrara and travertine, just to name a few – are providing consumers [a] plethora of choices,” says Milana.

Patterned tiles will give your space some extra oomph, no matter the colour they come in. As bathrooms and kitchens are full of straight lines and hard surfaces, patterned tiles add some softness and inject a bit of your personality into the design. As an added bonus, it helps keep your rooms from looking too similar.


Speaking of natural materials, timber and stone finishes provide earthy textures that will continue to rise in popularity.

“Natural beauty is our prediction for 2017,” states Milana.

“Everything from exquisite Carrara marble, lovingly cared-for timbers and industrial chic concrete are the next trends, and all of them come [in tile form],” he continues.

Tiles are easier to clean and look after than other materials, and as they’re now able to mimic almost every natural material, they make for a smart choice to use in practically any area of the home.

“Digital technology is so sophisticated that tile manufacturers can replicate natural products so accurately that it’s virtually impossible to tell the difference. Tiles made to look and feel like actual stone or timber have become the go-to product.”

If you’re not big on maintenance, then tiles may be just the material for you!

“Imagine a beautiful timber floor that never needs sanding or staining, or perhaps a classic Tuscan travertine look and feel without the hassle of sealing them yearly – anything is possible with modern, digitally-produced tiles,” says Milana.

“Two trends that will [continue] to be popular are the continuation of the use of timber look floor tiles, [such as] the Elegance Tiles Eco Wood range [for] all areas of the home, and the use of hexagon shapes in both wall and floor applications – particularly in kitchens and bathrooms.”


The best characteristic of tiles is their versatility. They can be used indoors and outdoors, so the only limit is your imagination!

“Matte, gloss and honed surface tiles are ideal for use in most interior applications. They are easy to remove debris from as they sweep or vacuum readily, and are simple to wash with [a] mop and water,” Milana says.

“For exterior use, we would recommend a tile with [a] texture that meets the Australian standards for slip resistance – an obvious safety choice [for] a product [that is] exposed to the elements,” he continues.

When it comes to tiles, there are no rules. Approach the matter with an open mind and an adventurous spirit.

“Our prediction is that the current cycle and trends have considerable time to go, [so] we envision subtle evolution of the trends moving forward to keep them fresh and exciting.”

Images courtesy of Elegance Tiles


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